PureLac Royal+ (Stage2)

PureLac Royal+ (Stage2)

PureLac Royal+ (Stage2)

STAGE 2. 6 - 12 months

Whey protein : Casein = 6 : 4

Our babies grow healthier!

What makes ROYAL + better?

OPO Contained

Helps the baby absorb calcium and fat that is essential to his or her growth.

Lactoferrin Added

Lactoferrin is a strong antiviral and antibacterial substance that is most commonly found in colostrum.

Lutein Contained

Lutein, the main ingredient that forms the macular lutea in the center of the retina in the eye! It is not synthesized in the body.


With Synbiotics technology, up to 500 milion CFU Probiotics lives to the intestines.

From The Birth, Containing Essential Nutrients, Mineral And Vitamin

  • Rich in Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Add OPO, Adjust calcium and phosphorus ratio, add iron apt to be lacking
  • Omega3:Omega6 Ratio Optimization
  • 1:1 combination of DHA and arachidonic acid, Add Lutein
  • Contain Nucleotides and Lactoferrin

Feeding Guide For Babies

Always wash and dry hands before preparing formula.
Wash and sterilize bottles and teats.
Boil safe drinking water up to 100℃.
After boiling water, allow the water to cool to 40~50℃ before using for protecting Probiotics. Then, measure the cooled water of the required volume of feeding.
Using the scoop provided, measure one level scoop of powder for each 50ml of water as per the feeding guide.
Shake to dissolve the powder. Test the temperature on your wrist before feeding. Use immediately. Discard unfinished feed.

PURELAC ROYAL+ Stage2 Ingredients

Calories(㎉) 71.9
Carbohydrate(g) 7.5
Sugar(g) 7.4
Lactose(g) 7.4
Protein(g) 2.4
Fat(g) 3.5
Saturated Fat(g) 1.7
Trans Fat(g) 0.0
Cholesterol(㎎) 3.7
Sodium(㎎) 33
Choline(㎎) 21
Taurine(㎎) 3.8
L-Carnitine(㎎) 1.7
VitaminA(㎍) 74
VitaminB1(mg) 0.07
VitaminB2(mg) 0.146
VitaminB3(mg) 0.58
Pantothenic Acid(㎎) 0.357
VitaminB6(mg) 0.048
Biotin(㎍) 3.9
Folic acid(㎍) 7.8
VitaminB12(㎍) 0.3
VitaminC(㎎) 15
VitaminD(㎍) 1.0
VitaminE(㎎ α - TE) 0.9
VitaminK1(㎍) 5.3
Iron(㎎) 1.0
Calcium(㎎) 81
Phosphorus(㎎) 59
Potassium(㎎) 106
Zinc(㎎) 0.6
Chloride(㎎) 73
Iodine(㎍) 14
Copper(㎍) 47
Magnesium(㎎) 8.7
Manganese(㎍) 12
Selenium(㎍) 3.0
Linoleic Acid(㎎) 530
α - Linolenic Acid(㎎) 49
Arachidonic Acid(㎎) 20
Docosahexaenoic acid(㎎) 20
Galactooligosaccharide(㎎) GOS 173
Fructooligosaccharide(㎎) FOS 173
*Total Prebiotics (GOS+FOS) 346
Probiotics (CFU) 3 milion CFU/g
Fibre(g) 0.346
ß - Palmitic Acid (OPO) (g) 0.5
Lutein(㎎) 3.1
Lactoferrin(㎎) 1.1
Nucleotides(㎎) 3.0


Cool quickly up to body temperature in a dose of powdered milk.

Be sure to use special scoop in the can.

After using scoops, wash and dry them, then store them in a clean place instead of in a can.

Do not use a wet scoop as it many harden if water is in the powder.

After opening, cover tightly to prevent any moisture, bugs, dust or hair from entering, and store in a dry, cool place, use within 30 days after opening.

Don't refrigerate it.

Don't reheat the feeds in the microwave.

Be careful not touch the sharp edges when removing the aluminum cover.

Be careful of burn as you use hot water when mixing powdered milk.

After you prepare the feed, feed it immediately, and discard the rest of it without reconsidering it.

Be sure to check the expiration date and the condition of the product before serving.

Make sure to check the temperature of the powdered milk before bottle-feeding as it may not have cooled sufficiently even if it is cold outside the bottle.

Children with allergies must check the raw materials before using them.