Purelac Story

Before becoming a mother, New Zealand reminds me of a country of a beautiful scenery,
thrilling activity, wine and cooking, adventure and romance.
After becoming a mother, New Zealand is the place where produces
100 percent New Zealand milk powder for my baby.
Blue sky, pure water, clean and broad grass, and grazing milk
cow The premium of PureLac begins with a raw-milk.

01. Premium Is Clean! PureLac is defined as Premium, because it is manufactured in the cleanest country, New Zealand, clear sky, clean air, pure water, lush pasture, huge lake and blue sea and the shining sun.
Premium Is Clean!
Sunshine & Air
Sunshine & Air

Awesome natural environment for human and animal with warm sunshine and clean air.

Soil & Grassland
Soil & Grassland

Fertile grassland with nutritional and uncontaminated soil.

Lake & Ocean
Lake & Ocean

Premium quality with the natural aquifer water from volcanic activity and the pure water from glaciers.


Geographical isolation means agricultural production in New Zealand is free of pest and disease.

02. No Such A Thing In Premium There are no antibiotics and no fences. Everything causing stress to cow is not in New Zealand. We believe that happy cow must produce healthy raw-milk. “Premium” is completed by being free from any worry for the quality.
No Such A Thing In Premium
No Stress
No Stress

2.8 cows grazed in one-hectare pasture have no stress and produce healthy raw-milk.

Infectious Disease Zero
Infectious Disease Zero

Infectious disease like such Food and Mouth Disease and BSE in “Group-Raising In Small Space” never occurred.

No Antibiotics
No Antibiotics

Cows eating grass in meadows without any antibiotics produce the clean raw-milk.

Anxiety Zero
Anxiety Zero

There is no artificial thing other than milking a cow, everything is natural. Our Premium is completed by guarantying safety.

03. Process Is Also Premium Our commitment is to make baby digest well, grow healthy, tall and smart! From the first idea to the final product PureLac formula is manufactured to the highest standards. Years of experience have enabled us to provide babies with the nutrition they need for healthy growth and development.
Process Is Also Premium
Eating Better & Pooping Better
Eating Better & Pooping Better

Optimizing best blend of Casein-Whey protein for each month, and applying Syn-biotics for every stage make baby poop well.

Our Baby Growing Healthier
Our Baby Growing Healthier

PureLac is rich in Lactoferrin, Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Nucleotide.

Our Baby Growing Smarter
Our Baby Growing Smarter

With the ratio of DHA and Arachidonic acid 1:1, higher lutein content

Our Baby Growing Taller
Our Baby Growing Taller

Nutrients are increased by stage. We added β-palmitinic acid(OPO) to help absorption of fatty acid and calcium.

PureLac contains the basic of baby health.
PureLac’s Baby Health-Care Project

‘ PureLac will take care what is picky ’

Probiotics, DHA, many other nutrients...
why there are so many things a baby needs to grow up healthily.
For baby's bowel, the Premium PureLac
will takes care of your mother's worries.
Chosen only the baby needs and put the good things unsparingly.

‘ PureLac will take care what is picky ’

Baby Health-Care Project 1

Our Babies Eat Well and Poop Well

Our babies wholly rely on formula so nutrients should be supplied on time and digested well.
Stages are divided in the ratio of Whey protein to Casein.
PureLac is Syn-biotics (Probiotics (Live Bacteria) + Prebiotics (Fertilizer for good Bacteria)) Formula.

<h2>Our Babies Eat Well and Poop Well</h2>
<h2>Our Babies Eat Well and Poop Well</h2>
Feeding additional Probiotics is not necessary.
((Probiotics Maximum Daily Intake is more than 525 million CFU))
  • <h2>Our Babies Eat Well and Poop Well</h2>
    Infant (0~6months)
    Whey Protein 60%
    Casein 40%
  • Infant (0~6months)
    Growth (6~12months)
    Whey Protein 44%
    Casein 56%
  • <h2>Our Babies Eat Well and Poop Well</h2>
    Development (12~36months)
    Whey Protein 40%
    Casein 60%
  • Whey to help digestion, proteins to promote growth, mixed by stages.

Baby Health-Care Project 2

Our Babies Grow Healthy

Live Bacteria (Probiotics) and Fertilizer for good Bacteria (Prebiotics) are in the PureLac together.
PureLac contains Omega3, Nucleotide and others from cows that feed on grass in clean nature,
and added a lot of lactose in the colostrum.

<h2>Our Babies Grow Healthy</h2>
  • Lactoferrin Lactoferrin Nucleotides
  • OMEGA 3 Recommended

  • PREBIOTICS Galactooligosaccharide
    1:1 mixture
  • PROBIOTICS Maximum Daily
    Intake is more than
    525 million CFU

Baby Health-Care Project 3

Our Babies Grow Smart

For the first three years of our baby's brain development,
PureLac blends DHA & Arachidonic acid optimized at the ratio of 1:1,
adding lutein related with vision development.
The neurotransmitter 'choline' and the retinal component 'taurine' are well blended.

<h2>Our Babies Grow Smart</h2>

Baby Health-Care Project 4

The more baby grows,
the higher nutrition should takes.

PureLac ROYAL+ Increased the amount of essential nutrients according
to baby's growth stage and digestive absorption capacity,
and provide the necessary amount of nutrients in time.
Precisely designed the feed rate of essential nutrients such as
proteins, vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, DHA /ARA and magnesium for each stage of growth.
Added beta-palmitic acid (OPO) effective for calcium and fatty acid absorption.

<h2>The more baby grows, <br/>the higher nutrition should takes.</h2>
  • Protein Protein
  • Vitamins Vitamins
  • Nucleotides Nucleotides
  • Calcium Calcium
  • Iron Iron
  • Lutein Lutein
  • Prebiotics Prebiotics

A Defensive Power that makes my baby healthy

“What matters most is the immune system”

Baby intestines where 800f immune cells are gathered!
The healthy intestines are a good defense.
Good defense means you're more likely to be healthy even when you grow up!
PureLac’s premium technology
only incorporates the best process for a baby's health.

A Defensive Power that makes my baby healthy

Golden Poop Project 1

Don't feed the Probiotics separately.

Our moms wish babies Golden Poop. The Solution is Good Live Bacteria.
Synbiotics technology means combining “Probiotic” called bifidobacterium lactis which is a healthy or
‘friendly’ bacteria perfectly suited to improve and sustain the health of your child and “Prebiotics”
which is source of fuel for the beneficial bacteria (Probiotics) in a form of synergism.

  • SYNBIOTICS Synbiotics System
  • PROBIOTICS Probiotics
    Live Bacteria
  • PREBIOTICS Prebiotics Fertilizer
    for good Bacteria

PureLac’s Probiotics Half-Life Graph

PureLac’s Probiotics Half-Life Graph

Put 3 to 4 times more Probiotics into PureLac considering half-life.

※ Half-life : Time the added Probiotics are reduced in half

Maximum Daily Tolerance Intake 525 million CFU and more

Do you still feed Probiotics in addition to formula?
Feeding additional Probiotics is not necessary.


Golden Poop Project 2

The Smarter you feed, the better your baby grows!

OPO stands for 'Oleic acid and Palmitic Acid Structure'
and refers to triglyceride fat component structure.
New Zealand natural grazing milk ingredients, found through scientific research,
helped to absorb calcium and fatty acid β-palmitic acid acid was added.

<h2>The Smarter you feed, the better your baby grows!</h2>
Golden Poop Project 2

Golden Poop Project 3

All nutrients for every nutritional need for baby’s body!

In Wet Blending Process, ingredients in liquid are blended together, homogenized,
and pasteurized to produce a powdered product for ensuring a uniform distribution of nutrients.

The most reliable insurance for a baby
Smart Moms’ Excellent Choice, PureLac

“The critical period up to 36 months”
The development of the brain and emotional
development occurs actively until the baby is 36 months old.
It's time for your baby and parents to work together.
Leave the nutrition to PureLac since your mom can't keep you company forever.
PureLac is the most reliable insurance a mother can give to a baby.

The most reliable insurance for a baby

Smart Moms’ Excellent Choice 1

If I could bring up my baby strong !

Lactoferrin, as a strong antioxidants, has been added to help protect the body.
Lactoferrin is a strong antiviral and antibacterial substance that is most commonly found in human and cow’s colostrum.
It contains about 0.6 to 0.8 mg per 100 ml of colostrum and about 0.2 mg per 100 ml of mother’s milk.

Smart Moms’ Excellent Choice 2

Don't miss baby’s eye health, too!

Lutein, also called Marigold, is extracted from Marigold,
an annual plant of the chrysanthemum family.
Lutein absorbs blue light, protects eye tissue,
and helps prevent eye diseases, reduce vision, and improve fatigue.
Added Lutein to protect the eyes of babies
who will be exposed to smartphones, TVs, etc.

Smart Moms’ Excellent Choice 3

If my baby could grow up well !

Calcium plays a role in increasing muscle contractions and bone density.
Magnesium is a component that affects bone growth and maintenance through muscle relaxation and vitamin D activation.
Calcium and magnesium help your baby to grow well by repeating muscle contraction and relaxation.